Quality first

Who we are?

A platform where you can find service providers with appropriate qualifications and specialisation for a specific service.

What is the purpose?

To enable service recipients to be sure of the quality of the work performed and the competence of the staff involved.

How does it work?

A merchant (service provider) receives a permit for specific services if the company has employed a workforce of appropriate specialization and qualification.

Who determines qualifications and specializations?

These are the responsibilities of professional organizations, which have the right to take proficiency tests and award qualifications in the relevant specialization.

Who controls the quality of work?

The professional organization is responsible for the compliance of the employees with the qualification level, thus the employees are regularly monitored for the qualification. The employee and his/her employer are responsible for the specific services provided. If the quality of the service does not meet the qualification requirements, the employee is excluded from the platform and the merchant loses access to these services.

How many qualified employees does a trader need to have to enter the platform?

Each merchant has at least one employee in a certain specialization, in a specific qualification.

How will I know that my work is performed by a qualified employee?

Each employee has an individual register number and must be found in the register. The employee must send access to his/her card to your phone number or e-mail, which contains the necessary information - photo, name, surname, workplace and qualifications in the relevant specialization.

What to do if employees sent to me are not found in the platform?

The merchant should be approached with a request to appoint an employee of appropriate specialization and qualification, but employees sent to you should be denied the opportunity to start providing the service. If a company has an admission to a particular qualification in a particular specialization, it means that it has at least one such employee.