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About us

We stand for high quality work execution and professional growth for various work performers and service providers.

Who we are?

A platform where you can find service providers with appropriate qualifications and specialisation for a specific service.

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How does it work?

A merchant (service provider) receives a permit for specific services if the company has employed a workforce of appropriate specialization and qualification.

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What is the purpose?

To enable service recipients to be sure of the quality of the work performed and the competence of the staff involved.

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Who determines qualifications and specializations?

These are the responsibilities of professional organizations, which have the right to take proficiency tests and award qualifications in the relevant specialization.

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Already registered

Our database has already registered the best companies in different sectors, offering services and jobs provided by high-skilled professionals.

29 Specialists
23 Companies
1 Industries

Important benefit!

The inclusion of qualified employees in our platform will guarantee increased company competitiveness in state and municipal competitions.
In addition, it will provide trust among potential customers.

For clients and service recipients we give the opportunity to make sure that the chosen company has the workforce of appropriate level of qualification before concluding the contract.

The veracity of the information contained here is guaranteed by the professional organizations of the professions concerned: